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The Private Interest Foundation (PIF) finds its roots in the Principality of Liechtenstein, which in 1926 passed the law on Family Foundations for members of one or more families; and the law for Mixed Foundations, for family members, third parties and institutions. 

Panama Private Interest Foundations can be useful for people who wish to control and maintain ownership of foreign corporations, but do not wish to have direct ownership of the corporation in order to avoid Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC) rules in their home countries. High taxed countries such as the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain, China, Taiwan, etc. have CFC rules that require citizens to disclose or report to the tax authorities any shares or interests they hold in foreign corporations.

Using a PIF removes ownership from one's personal name and transfers ownership in the name of an entity that does not have owners.  The privately appointed beneficiaries remain anonymous.

No legal requirement of maximum authorized capital.  The standard capital offered at the time of incorporation is US$10,000.

Government & Political Stability

Excellent Panama¡¦s financial centre has decades of experience.  The economy is USD based.

Panama boasts the largest company registry in the Americas and the largest ship registry in the world


Central America

Type of Law

Civil Law; international arbitration is available.


English & Spanish English & Spanish are widely spoken

Level of Confidentiality

Very High Beneficial ownership is kept confidential.

Type of vehicles

Panama offshore company; Foundations, ship registration. 

Panama second passport (travel document).

Tax on PIF Profits

No Foundations and companies are totally tax exempt from any form of taxation on income earned offshore.

Local Registered Office & Agent


Number of members in Council

3 Founder can be operator, administrator and beneficial owner of foundation.

Local Council member Required


Corporate Council member allowed

Yes Foundation council operates as a Board of Directors.

Minimum number of Shareholders

There is no actual distribution of shares.

Corporate Shareholders Permitted

Not applicable Foundation council members may be corporate.

Secretary Required

Not Mandatory

Aspen Global Incorporations Ltd. may provide a local company secretary.

Bearer Shares

Not applicable

Annual Return Filing


Audited Accounts

Filing of Foundation Regulations No

Shelf Foundations Available

Yes Custom made Foundations & Companies are available.  Incorporation time is approx. 15 days from the time all the correct information of directors & shareholders is received.
Shelf Companies Available Yes
Bank accounts, Visa debit cards, on-line banking and other banking services Yes To operate bank accounts in any part of the world.  Client must provide power of attorney to process application.

Aspen Global Incorporations Limited fully assist in panama offshore company formation, virtual offices, offshore companies and structures, company management and secretarial services, tax minimization and avoidance, asset protection trusts, offshore banking and all other virtual services in Panama

If you want to order or get a quotation for a Panama Private Interest Foundation, CLICK HERE

Schedule of fees available upon request.  Please contact us today for Panama Private Interest Foundations. We are located at Suite 2302-3 Pacific Plaza, 410 Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong .  Tel: (852) 3175-8758, Fax: (852) 3175-8456, E-mail: enquiries@aspenoffshore.com, Website: www.aspenoffshore.com.  Contact Agnes Chung  for details.

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